Mission and aims

On the side of services in the EU

Labour Mobility Initiative since 2013 brings together the employers, scholars, workers and public administration and creates the only Polish and European forum for exchange of knowledge on the posting of workers within the freedom to provide services. Association activities are funded by the membership fees and donations.


We promote service mobility on the internal European Union market. We build social awarness on the field of the posting of workers.


Watch We change the reality


We change the reality

As the only Polish NGO we have been active during the entire time of the works on the Enforcement Directive on the posting of workers within provision of services. We actively cooperated with the Polish government and the Directive’s rapporteur at the European Parliament by preparing expert opinions and sharing our knowledge. We provided arguments, due to which the Polish delegation has neutralized a lot of threats for the employers and their workers, with the most important one, which was an attempt to indroduce the so-called one-time posting.


We intervene

We keep monitoring the law applicable in Poland and EU in the field of labour and service mobility, legislative procedures and activities of the authorities and public administration. We analyze courts’ jurisdictions. We listen to the problems signalized by our Members and supporters. All the information gathered is taken into a deep analysis and, if needed, we react through informing the proper institutions about the problems and breaches by preparing position papers and opinions and actively participating in public consultations.


We organize

Important part of the Initiative’s activity is organizing workshops and conferences such as European Labour Mobility Congress and practical workshop cycle of Legal Posting Labs (Members only). Also we organize discussions, debates and social campaigns which aim to publicize incidents of discrimination of Polish service companies operating on the European Market and their workers.


We conduct research

Together with Cracow University of Economics we provide research and legal analysis. The reports published so far dealt with problems such as correct interpretation of the substitiution in the posting of workers, the posting rules in case of performing work in two or more countries, protection of the Polish posted workers and their employers from discrimination and interpretation of the ‘substantial activity’ in determining of the law applicable in the scope of social security.


We inform

Our experts’ opinions reguarly appear in the Polish and foreign media. We host press conferences and we participate in other events on invitation of our partners. We communicate with our Members electronically and through teleconferences and meetings. LMI Members are the first ones to have access to the recent and reliable information about the legislative changes and law interpretation.


We educate

LMI Experts regularly meet with Polish and European politicians and European Commission and Polish Social Insurance Institution representatives and inform them about problems and barriers within the posting of workers. Our Members have the benefit of individual consultation with our lawyers on the legal, tax and insurance regulations within the posting of workers.

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