„Freedom to provide services cannot be restricted under the pretext of workers’ rights protection”

Kristin Schreiber

We invite you to watch an interview with Kristin Schreiber – a speaker at the II European Labour Mobility Congress, who explains, among others, how does the Internal Market Information Exchange System (IMI) work.

Kristin Schreiber underlined in the interview that without the freedom to provide services there will be no fundaments for building a competitive social market economy in the European Union. In the face of economic disparities that exist between Member States maintaining a balance between the protection of posted workers’ rights and the freedom to provide services is really important.

– Core social standards must be respected throughout the Union. However, we cannot misuse social arguments for protectionist practices – admits Kristin Schreiber.

In the second part of the interview Kristin Schreiber explained the difference between the access to information about law and practice in selected Member States, and the exchange of information between public administration authorities across the EU. Information for European entrepreneurs and employees is available through Your Europe, whereas the Internal Market Information System (IMI) serves the exchange of information between the competent Member States’ control institutions. A test pilot version of the IMI system was implemented in 2013, bringing around one thousand enquiries from its users.

Until recently Kristin Schreiber served as a Deputy Head of Cabinet of Michel Barnier, Commissioner for Internal Market and Services. Currently, she is Acting Director of Directorate B – Governance of the Single Market at the DG Markt -The Internal Market and Services, where she is also responsible for the IMI System, which owing to the implementation of the enforcement directive will have wide application in Europe in the context of posting of workers.