At the ELMC we build quality discourse about the posting of workers

Marek Benio

At the European Labour Mobility Congress we build quality discourse about the posting of workers. Furthermore, we raise social awareness of the freedom to provide services and its importance to Polish economy.

European Labour Mobility Congress is devoted entirely to the posting of workers and the freedom to provide services. It is also the largest cyclical and non-commercial event in Europe dedicated entirely to this topic!

Previous edition of the Congress attracted nearly 250 participants who discussed the most important topics related to the presence of Polish service providers on the EU’s internal market. Second edition of the Congress was mentioned among others in a short conversation with Marek Benio – Vice-president of Labour Mobility Initiative:

– We were able to gather at the Congress, in one conference room, social security personnel and entrepreneurs in a situation other than control inspection. Among those present were also representatives of the National Labour Inspectorate, politicians, and scientists. In the end it turned out that the format that we have adopted for the whole of the Congress, based on a dialogue, encouraged participants to talk with each other. There was no antagonism, but a great hunger for solving problems that are common both to the Social Insurance Institution, and entrepreneurs.