We are changing into the European Labour Mobility Institute

European Labour Mobility Institute

The Labour Mobility Initiative Association is transforming into the European Labour Mobility Institute. The decision was taken up by our Members during the General Assembly in July 2020. The formal change took place on October 9, 2020, when it was entered into the National Court Register.

History of the association

The Labour Mobility Initiative Association was established in 2013 as an association connecting employers, workers, scholars, officials and lawyers – all parties of the process of posting of workers. The association, initially consisting of a dozen or so people, grew very quickly, creating the largest substantive forum in Poland about the posting of workers under the freedom to provide services.

For 7 years of its activity, the Labour Mobility Initiative Association has organized six editions of the European Labour Mobility Congress – the largest cyclical event in Europe devoted entirely to the subject of posting of workers, over 50 practical workshops from the Legal Posting Lab series and many interesting events. Our experts have spoken at the most important labour mobility conferences in the European Union, but also provided countless consultations and legal advices on the most difficult issues related to the application of law in practice.

Decision to change the name

The new name – the European Labour Mobility Institute – reflects the today’s nature of the activity much better. The name “Initiative” suggested that the organization was established temporarily to fight for specific goal. Initially, the name was a reflection of the assumptions that guided the establishment of the association. However, with time, mode of action and the purpose of our activity has changed. Transforming the Initiative at the Institute is natural reflection of this process.

Today, the European Labour Mobility Institute brings together over 100 people – experts, scholars, lawyers, employees of public administration, employers and workers from Poland, Italy, Germany, Belgium and France. In our activity, we strive to ensure that the freedom to provide services on the internal market brings benefits to workers, their employers and the entire European economy. We are an independent think tank specializing in the issues of posting of workers. Our analyzes and opinions are used in the work of the Polish government, the European Commission and the European Parliament. Anyone who would like to gain access to reliable legal knowledge on the posting of workers can become a member of the Institute.