#ProtectionsmIsNotFair Campaign – show your support!

One of the surprises for Guests of the V European Labour Mobility Congress was the campaign: #ProtectionismIsNotFair

The campaign was launched at the latest edition of the ELMC, where the participants had an opportunity to participate in a photo-petition and have a picture taken with a signed protest tablet in a dedicated Protest Corner. Aim of the campaign is to bring awarness to the problem of arising protectionism in the EU and to show how many people out there disagree with such harmful regulations. The idea was awarded with a lot of enthusiasm and widely supported by the ELMC participants. Among the guests who posed for the photographs were providers of cross-border services, employers, scholars and representatives of NGOs, public administration as well as students. Among them also appeared Jadwiga Emilewicz, Polish Minister for Enterpreneurship and Technology and Special Guest of the V EKMC, where she represented the Co-organizer – Ministry of Economic Development.

It’s not end yet

Due to the wide support for the campaign, the organizers decided to extend it and allow wider group of people to show their disapproval for the protectionism in the EU and participate in the petition, addressed to the European politicians and legislators.

You can participate by filling-in the form on a dedicated website. You only need to type in your name & e-mail address (for veryfication purpose only) and the counter of the participants posted at the website will add up your vote!

Through the photo-petition and online campaign we want to show disapproval for the protectionism in the EU and to bring attention of the politicians to the EU regulations that are made in the protectionistic manner. Purpose of such regulations is not to protect workers – they will result in deterioration of the situation of employers and workers, especially those from Eastern European Countries. For that reason, we have decided to protest against the changes within the revision of the Directive on the posting of workers, against additional fees and restrictions imposed on the posting companies.

Experts from all over Europe have responded critically to the proposal. Moreover, in 2016 as much as 11 EU Member States issued a yellow card against the proposal of the Commission claiming it violates the Treaty. Now, as the revision of the Directive is in the very last stage of the legislative process, we want to show how many citizens do not agree to additional barriers and regulations which are limiting to the freedom to provide services on the Single Market.

Protectionism is not fair.

More about the campaign together with pictures of the participants of the photo-petition and the petition form are available HERE. Show your support!