The Bulgarian presidency of the Council of the EU – posting of workers on the top of priorities list

On January 1, 2018 Bulgaria officialy inaugurated its Presidency in the EU Council taking over from Estonia.

Sofia made the theme of their Presidency the words “United We Stand Strong”. It reffers to the national motto engraved at the entrance to the building of the National Assembly.

Digital Economy and Skills for the Future (and posting of workers within their framework)

One of the four most important groups of priorities of the Bulgarian Presidency is dedicated to issues related to the digital economy and development of skills for the future. Within those frameworks posting of workers under the freedom to provide services would have a significant importance. Bulgarian Presidency work programme indicates that Bulgaria will put an emphasis on “facilitating free movement of workers and providing services within EU by revision of regulations on coordination of social security systems and improving existing rules on the posting of workers”. When it comes to the most important goals in the field of employment and social policy, posting of workers and regulations on the coordination of social security systems are on the top of the priorities list. It means that once again issues related to the exports of services and work mobility will be at the heart of Europe’s attention.


The first meeting of Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council configuration (EPSCO) will take place on March 15, 2018. Two informal EPSCO meetings will be held in April. Is it enough to achieve above ambitious goals? We will find out in spring. On July 1, 2018 the Presidency will be passed to Austria.
Let’s hope that 2018 will bring only beneficial solutions for work mobility and export services.


Labour Mobility Initiative

Labour Mobility Initiative is Europe’s largest think thank dealing with work, mobility and posting of workers. Since 2013 it has been bringing together scholars, enterpreneurs, trade unions and public administration to create the only Polish and the largest European substantive forum for exchanging knowledge on the posting of workers in the framework of freedom to provide services. more >>>