Miroslav Beblavý, CEPS: Juncker’s enthusiasm premature?

This week Miroslav Beblavý from the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) commented a widely discussed isuue. The subject is Jean Claude Juncker’s take on labour law reform during his recent State of the Union Speech at the EP. The leading concept of Juncker’s statement was reversal to the motto: ‘equal pay for equal work’ in cross-border services.

According to Beblavý, Commission tries to use prominence of Emanuel Macron’s victory in French presidential election. The purpose is to push through previous ideas of Comissioner Marianne Thyssen.

‘What is relatively new is the proposal for a European Labour Authority. Regrettably, this bears all the signs of a rushed “let’s announce something” approach, without much substantive thought behind it.’


‘As Mr Juncker noted in his speech, Europe has wind again in its sails, after years of seemingly endless crises. It would be a true demonstration of statecraft to judiciously investigate the merits and feasibility of a well-chosen set of proposals and then select one (or a combination thereof) for implementation that has the best chance of being enacted and making a real difference in the European project.’

However, it remains unclear, how the idea of new labour control entity would be tied with the undergoing review of laws regarding posting of workers. As Beblavý notes:

‘Unfortunately (…) what we are witnessing is more of a marketing and repackaging exercise.’

For full commentary visit CEPS website.