LMI members on posting of workers for ‘Polityka’ weekly newspaper

Cezary Kowanda in a weekly magazine ‘Polityka’ raised issue of the posting of workers in the European Union as well as of challanges met by Polish posting companies.

In his statement he underlined that if we don’t protect Polish rates for posted workers in EU, companies will loose plenty of orders. Some of the workers will earn more, but significant majority of workers will loose their jobs.

EC proposal from March 2016 is stiring up more and more discussions and emotions. Draft proposal assumes that posted worker (a worker who performs temporary work for his employer in the territory of another Member State) should earn the same wage for the same job as local worker. Poland is against this proposal due to the risk that it will undermine competitiveness of Polish companies and workplace. In 2016 Polish companies posted approx. 500 thousands of workers. The problem is that this form of employment in the EU is exceptionable in countries such as Belgium, Germany and France.

French labour inspection easily gives into political pressures, following orders from the top. Its aim is to fight with undeclared employment, so they treat every single Pole posted to work in France as illegal worker. Outgoing inspections are simply harassment of companies.      

– says Radosław Galka, LMI expert 

As Kowanda underlined the paradox is that Western Europe really needs Polish workers (particularly specialists) but at the same time they do everything to get rid of Polish companies.  

Member of LMI explains it:  

In huge simplification it is all about to keep Polish specialist, but in French company and under French conditions. How to do that? For instance, force Polish company to register affiliated branch in France.  

Unfortunately, Poland is on the defense and if we lose this fight, we will lose a field for further development – something we had been working on since entering the EU.   

So far, richer Western Europe always won the race with poorer Eastern Europe. Thanks to larger resources of capital, Western banks and chainstores have dominated new Member States. However, when owners of Polish transport or construction companies have joined the race with its cheaper workforce and lower margins, than Western Europe raised clamour.   

– says Stefan Schwarz, president of LMI. 

Source: Polityka 


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