Where are we in the fight against posted workers?

Walka z pracownikami delegowanymi

In French: “Où en est-on de la lutte contre les travailleurs détachés ?” – such is the title of an article in  Miroir Social. The article proves that posting of workers continues to be presented in the French media as the phenomenon against which we should fight.

Despite efforts from the side of the Ministers of Labour in France and Poland aiming to relieve negative emotions around posting of Polish workers to France and repressive controls of the French Labour Inspection, some of the French media continue to manipulate the public opinion.

Last Friday the break-through seminar dedicated to problems of posting of workers took place in the Polish Embassy in Paris. Both the Polish and the French side declared their will to cooperate closely in order to make overcoming adversity and effective fight with abuses possible. Ministers Radosław Mleczko and Myrian El Khormi set up on the very same day a posting of workers working group formed by representatives of French and Polish administration.

Unfortunately, in spite of all the efforts,  some of the French media continue talking about necessity of fight against posting of workers in general, and not against illegal work, abuses and non-compliance with law.

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