Travailleurs détachés : France et Pologne tentent de désamorcer les tensions

L'usine Nouvelle

An article about controls of companies posting workers conducted by the French Labour Inspection was published in a weekly French business magazine l’Usine Nouvelle. Its thematic scope refers to the seminar dedicated to problems of posting of workers that took place in the Polish Embassy in Paris last Friday.

The number of controls conducted by the French Labour Inspection have increased drastically since June. The French Ministry of Labour, Employment and Vocational Training has decided to conduct on average 1,000 controls each month. In June 858 controls took place, but in July already 1,650. Such controls make it hard for companies delegating workers legally to continue operating on the French market. The French Ministry, in response to allegations from the Polish side, assured that not discrimination of Polish companies providing services is the intention of France, but fight with abuses. Moreover, Poland is a friendly country with France.

The article quotes also the comment of Radosław Gałka, Member of the LMI Association and expert of the Polish Chamber of Commerce about hundreds of controls his company has gone through since the beginning of this year. The result is that his clients with whom he has been working well for years do not want to cooperate any longer.

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