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Labour Mobility Initiative since 2013 brings together the scholars, enterpreneurs and public administration and creates the only Polish and European forum for exchange of the knowledge on the posting of workers within the freedom to provide services.


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Experts in the field of the posting of workers within the freedom to provide services

Important part of the Labour Mobility Initiative is organizing workshops and conferences on the topic of the posting of workers, such as: European Labour Mobility Congress and a cycle of workshops: Legal Posting Lab. LMI organizes discussions, debates and social campaigns which aim to publicize incidents of discrimination of the Polish companies operating on the EU market and their workers and to extending knowledge on the posting of workers. Since 2013 we promote service mobility at the internal EU market and we raise social awarness about the issues related to the posting of workers. Our expert’s opinions regularly appear in the Polish and foreign media. LMI Members are the first ones to have access to the recent and reliable knowledge about the legislative changes, the interpretation of law and have the benefit of the invidual consultation with our lawyers on the legal, tax and insurance regulations within the posting of workers.
What exactly is the posting of workers?
Posting of workers is a form of temporary work migration. It is based on the freedom to provide services in the European Union. Worker, who temporary performs for his employer in another country is called a posted worker. Posting of workers enables . Posting is a way to provide those working temporarily abroad with an opportunity to maintain strong family, social and economic ties with Poland. Unlike migrant workers, posted workers maintain economic ties with their country of origin, in which they remain insured, raise their children and spend most of their earnings.